Wholesale Dog Food & Feeds

Your pet is important to you and so is feeding him, but you could ultimately be giving him the wrong kind of dog food. All dog food is regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO, but not all are created equally.
Healthy dog food is available in dry, canned, moist and all natural varieties. Dry dog food and moist dog food are the most economical types of dog food, which are usually the most complete and balanced. Dry foods contain about 90 percent food solids and 10 percent moisture. Canned food is usually used as a supplement to dry dog food. Canned foods contain about 25 percent food solids and 75 percent moisture. All natural dog food is used primarily by dog owners who have food sensitive pets. That's why choosing the wrong kind of dog food could ultimately be hurting your pet. The finest dog food can be found by taking a few moments of your time and browsing the petmanufacturers.com site. It offers some of the most affordable, highly nutrient, wholesale dog food and other wholesale dog products on the market.

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