Company Description: Olympus Brands Inc. was created to fill a need in the market for better dietary supplements for promoting joint health in both animals and human beings. Our mission is to provide pets and humans with a joint supplement superior to those currently available on the market.

It began in Key West, Florida with Sinead Imbaro. Imbaro found that the market lacked an effective, comprehensive dietary supplement for the joint health of pets.

Imbaro formulated a plan to meet the growing demand for joint health products for dogs and cats. She created the company Olympus Brands and the products LubraFlex Dog Hip and Joint Formula, and LubraFlex Cat Hip and Joint Formula.

“There is an increasing demand for safer, more effective natural joint supplements to help relieve the discomfort due to arthritis or hip dysplasia that our beloved pets are currently suffering from. Lubraflex not only provides a safer alternative to the current products available, whether medications or other supplements, but yields better and faster results,” said Sinead Imbaro, president and founder of Olympus Brands, Inc. “by combining the most effective and clinically researched ingredients on the market, LubraFlex™ provides the consumers with a synergistic joint supplement that will benefit their pets for years.

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