Company Description: The Identicollar, created by Robert D. Massaro-an alumnus of MIT-after losing his pet poodle “Archie”, is the safest method of instant, great-looking and permanent pet identification!

The Identicollar is assembled by the consumer using simple finger pressure. No special tools are required. The 10” Identicollar will hold twelve Identisnaps, the 12”-14” will each hold sixteen and the 16”-26” Identicollars will each hold twenty. Once hand-snapped into place, the rust-proof, chrome-plated, polished Identisnaps, displaying the pet’s name and owner’s phone number, are guaranteed not to fall off.

Made of extra-strong nylon webbings with a die-cast, nickel-plated buckle, both the dog and cat styles are available in Red, Black, Blue, Purple, Pink and Lime. The Identicollar for dogs is available in 12”, 14’, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” & 26” sizes, while the cat Identicollar, which includes an elastic safety release for the pet’s protection, comes in 10” and 12” sizes.

Each individually packaged Identicollar, complete with a computer breakdown of 95 Identisnaps to cover just about any name and number, wholesales for . The wholesale price can then be doubled and the Identicollar will easily market in the - range.

There isn’t a minimum starting order, but we suggest you begin with all 10 sizes (eight dog and two cat) and all the colors mentioned above.

*We drop ship for no additional fee

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