Bramton Company

Company Description: With over 28 years of experience in the pet industry, The Bramton Company manufactures pet care products under the Simple Solution brand. Products include stain and odor removers, training aids, floor protection, pet incontinence products, cleaners, grooming products and other specialty items.

The Bramton Company also manufacturers Bags on Board waste management products. Bags on Board dispensers are compact and refillable and attach to any type leash standard or retractable. Inside is a roll of bio-degradable doggie clean-up bags, this way dog owners will never have to remember to bring bags with them again!

The mission of The Bramton Company and Bags on Board is to provide quality pet care products that enhance the relationship between people and pets. The Bramton Company offers consumers a 100% money back guarantee on all products it markets.

"We Make Pet Care Easier"

*Products will be shipped from Klearwater Distribution*

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