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Company Description: You can't offer a better pet bed than this! Over 600 Veterinary and Kennel professionals have already come on board as well as retail stores across the country! Demand for our pet beds is overwhelming.

Often referred to as "veterinary bedding," these pet beds were developed in the 1960's as a spin-off of hospital pads developed for patients suffering from decubitus bed sores. Roller Fabrics, the parent company of Palace Pet Products, has been manufacturing premium hospital pads for over thirty years. We introduced specialized pet bedding designed for animals with orthopedic problems, incontinence, whelping, illness, surgical recovery, hygromas, and for the comfort, security, and general well-being of pets. Specifically designed to whisk moisture away from animals, this product has superior density similar to that of decubitus hospital pads and is in fact better than what we sell for hospital use.

The majority of the pet beds sold at retail and on the internet are low density, tumbled, polyester-acrylic blends meant to resemble sheepskin. Their lack of density provides an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe surface for animals. Our bed pads are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, highlighting the following characteristics:

� Non-allergenic
� Non-toxic
� Non-irritant
� Will not support bacterial growth
� Reduces the risk of hypothermia
� Resistant to permanent staining
� Flame retardant
� Easy care - machine washable,
bleachable, dryable and reusable

*We drop ship directly to your customers too! A $5 drop ship fee will be applied to these orders.

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