Pawsitively Gourmet

Company Description: Pawsitively Gourmet has the most unique variety of baked goods for dogs on the market. The combination of simply decorated cookies and the complexity of our highly decorated creations is one of the many ways we set ourselves apart. We not only provide you with well-crafted products, but stand behind them with superior customer service and present you with intelligent merchandising options.

All of our treats are manufactured with wholesome, natural ingredients and are baked to perfection in ovens that are specially designed to pull out moisture for a crunchy product that stays fresh for up to 8 months.

Our products include seasonal, birthday and holiday specialties as well as our popular Bakery Standards. Select items from our bakery program are also available in 2-pack Doggie Pastries with their own self-merchandiser for quick and easy impulse sales.

Our K9 SPA grooming products are designed to give pets a thorough washing while keeping the owners´┐Ż hands moisturized, and reducing the amount of time it takes to both lather and rinse the dog.

Our Original Doggie Croissants are bite-size croissants available in three flavors: Real Chicken Liver, Real Peanut Butter and Ham & Cheese. With healthy ingredients and a simple selection of great flavors, our Croissants are the perfect addition to any treat set.

*We only ship to the US and Canada

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