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Company Description: Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Litter Robot, the self cleaning litter box that really works.

The Litter-Robot is the perfect litter management solution for the cat owner that never wants to scoop a litter box again. Scooping is a dirty job and no one needs to do it if they have a Litter-Robot. Manufactured in the US, the Litter-Robot is the best designed, most durable automatic litter box available. The Litter-Robot gently sifts the cat litter as opposed to the competitive machines that use a raking method which is prone to clogging and jamming in addition to becoming an unappealing maintenance task. The Litter-Robot is backed up with an 18 month Warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee.

Who likes to scoop out the cat's litter box? Cats have been known to find other places to do their business other places when the cat owner comes home late from work and the litter box is way overdue for some attention. With the Litter Robot, cat owners never have to scoop out the litter box again. Using a weight sensitive switch, the Litter-Robot starts a cleaning cycle seven minutes later which sifts out the clean dry litter from the smelly, wet soiled litter. The Litter-Robot cleans itself after every use.

No other litter box has the capacity of the Litter-Robot and recent improvements have made the Litter-Robot the most effective in odor control as well. The Litter Robot has a waste drawer that uses ordinary kitchen trash bags which need to be replaced only once or twice a week.

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