EcoWellDog, Inc.

Company Description: Spa Products for the Dog About Town

Our all natural spa, grooming and wellness products feature award-winning packaging that will sell off your shelves. But take a moment to look beyond the labels and you’ll find innovative formulas and problem solving products in every bottle. Your customers will love the packaging and get hooked on the aromas but it’s the quality and effectiveness that will turn that occasional purchase into a regular habit.

Happytails Features:

• Exclusivity. We don’t sell through big box stores like PetSmart of PetCo.
• Unique and innovative product concepts
• We use only the finest botanicals and herbal extracts and manufacture at an FDA approved lab
• All of our products and components are made in the USA

*Initial Order Minimum: 150

*Free Shipping only applys to the 48 continental states

In case an item is backordered please let us know if you would prefer us to:
• Ship back-orders with new orders, most economical

• HOLD ORDER and ship complete (could be 1-2 weeks)
• Ship back-orders immediately, new shipping charge would apply
• Cancel back-orders at time of order

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