COOL PET® Products

Company Description: No More Pills!!! COOL PET® Holistic Remedies offer a new holistic approach to supplementing a pet’s diet by offering a variety of easy to feed fast acting formulas. Each COOL PET® Holistic Remedy addresses a specific health related concern for dog, cat, bird, and horse owners while avoiding the hassle associated with feeding pills or powders. Not only do these liquid based products absorb faster than solid dosage supplements, pets crave COOL PET® products like a treat. So, pet owners will no longer find that week old, half-licked pill underneath the kitchen cabinet! COOL PET® Holistic Remedies are 100% manufactured and tested right here in the USA using human pharmaceutical grade raw materials versus the lower grade materials typically found in pet supplements. Therefore, with COOL PET® Holistic Remedies, pet owners can be assured that they are getting the absolute highest quality products available for their pets.

COOL PET® Holistic Remedies provide what normal supplements cannot!

*We drop ship directly to your customers for $2.50/order

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