Pet Sitter Videos

Company Description: Sunrise Production, LLC is located in Okemos, Michigan. The Cat Sitter Video has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Show, Tonight Show, Ellen and received rave revues in the numerous newspapers and 2 Paws Up in Cat Magazine. Over 600,000 of our Pet Sitter Videos and DVD’s have been sold!

After the success of the Cat Sitter Video, Sunrise Production, LLC received numerous requests to produce videos for dogs and birds to watch. Sunrise Production, LLC then pulled from its resources of Dog Breeders and Dog Trainers to assist in the productions. The results were the production of the Bird Sitter Video, and Dog Sitter I followed by Dog Sitter II, Cat Sitter II, and Cat Sitter III. All of them have received rave reviews from both experts and pet owners alike.

The production coincides with Sunrise Production's Mission Statement:

To produce Unique High Quality products, timeless in their content and International in their appeal. By creating products that bring an awareness of the beauty of mother nature and our connection to planet earth and our fellow creatures, we hope to remind all, of our obligation to Love, Preserve and Protect.

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