Manufacturer: Fab4Pets - Bright Steps/EZ Steps Lines -Now offered by Bergan

EZ Steps Low Impact Leash Long - 43" Long: Wholesale Products

Product description:EZ Steps is a low impact dog walking system. EZ Steps uses the latest flex style and pressure sensitive fabrication manufacturing methods to create our stress free, low impact leashes.
These greatly ease stress and tension on your neck, shoulders and arms from walking dogs that may have a tendency to pull or jump. Also greatly relieves stress on dog’s neck.

EZ Steps™ features Mighty Max Rubber™ which is a brand new patented rubber technology offering unsurpassed strength and flexibility for optimum shock absorption and durability when walking your dog. Mighty Max Rubber™ consists of hundreds of individual strands of Natural Hydrogen Multiple Bonded Super Rubber™. This is then encapsulated by high tension resistant super wound polyester and Level 5 Polymer Chain Silicone Rubber which greatly absorb tension like no other leash.
Relieves stress on your arms, neck and shoulders when These leashes are available in red, blue, and black and orange and are 43”long. They are suitable for smaller dogs up to 125 lbs. Water and weather resistant

For bigger dogs use our Big Dog Control Leash. Made with environmentally sustainable materials.

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Manufacturer: Fab4Pets - Bright Steps/EZ Steps Lines -Now offered by Bergan
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