Manufacturer: Purple Pebble

Cuddle Mat with bumper sides (double-sided): Wholesale Products

Product description:The Cuddle Mat is a practical and versatile bedding alternative. Far more than simply a floor covering this "super mat" has a high pile, offering an almost stuffed feel. Unlike stuffed beds, however, Cuddle Mat provides consistent cushioning and safety with regard to chewers.

Cuddle Mat with bumper sides offers pet maximum safety and space while protecting from crate bars or shelter walls. Hassle-Free installation - scored sides/no attachments.

The 100% recycled fabric is durable, non-allergenic/non-irritant, moisture-wicking, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial.

Easy care: 100% machine wash/Quick Dry.
(Double-sided feature reduces number of washes.)

Made in USA.

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Manufacturer: Purple Pebble
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