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Product description:SPEEDBATH allows you to bathe your dog anytime and anywhere without the need of water. Simply spray on and towel off! SPEEDBATH is all-natural and safe to use, and contains no harsh chemicals. SPEEDBATH eliminates pet's bad coat odors and leaves a light fresh fragrance.

SPEEDBATH removes your dogs surface soil and leaves your dog clean, fresh, and dry. Don’t let cold weather or lack of facilities keep your dog from feeling and smelling his or her best. Quick, easy, and effective.

12 fl. oz. (360 ml)

Proprietary blend of odor, cleaning and neutralizing agents, and purified water.

Speed BathTM quickly and easily cleans and deodorizes your dog between bathing and grooming.

All natural and safe to use. Contains no harsh chemicals. Eliminate’s pet’s bad coat odors and leaves a light fragrance. Removes surface soil and leaves dog clean and fresh.

MSRP: $12.99

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Manufacturer: Mendota Products, Inc
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