Manufacturer: American Health Kennels

Kitty Kissers - 24 boxes/case: Wholesale Products

Product description:5 tasty flavors to choose from:

-Shrimp - Natural freeze-dried shrimp that can be used purely as a treat or sprinkled on the finicky feline's food to enhance its flavor.

-Chicken Liver - One hundred percent chicken livers come from USDA approved farm-raised chickens. Freeze-dried to retain natural flavors, they are preservative free and nutritious.

-Beef Liver - One hundred percent freeze-dried beef livers are an ideal choice for rewarding your pet. Like the chicken livers they are USDA approved and are healthy as a snack or a meal.

-Anchovies - All-natural, dried anchovies are irresistible to cats. For as long as fish have been on the planet, cats have been craving them! Anchovies are a perfect any-time feline snack.

-Squid - 100% dried Squid are the newest addition to the Kitty Kissers Line. Spin dried and sliced into disks, this is Calamari for Cats!

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Manufacturer: American Health Kennels
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