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Product description:Simply soaking the Cool Vest® in water provides a protective layer for dogs from direct and indirect sunlight and heat. Its laminated lining keeps dogs dry. The Cool Vest® doesn't use any toxic chemical polymer crystals, so it is safe, thin and very lightweight. Perfect for summer outings & everyday walks for your dogs. The Cool Vest® is made with a special fabric that absorbs and retains water well. It requires no refrigeration and takes less than a minute to prepare. Unlike the products with polymer crystals, the Cool Vest® never get too heavy or bulky even when you leave the vest in water for longer time. The vest utilizes a simple scientific principle - cooling through evaporation. As water gradually transforms from a liquid state into vapor, it consumes the heat around it. The same effect happens when you soak a T-shirt in water and wear it to cool down on a hot day at the beach. The differences between using a wet T-shirt and the Cool Vest® are 1: the liner is waterproof so dogs don't get wet and, 2: this special fabric allows slow but effective evaporation. The result is you don't have to deal with a messy, wet dog while trying to make them comfortable and you don't have to run for water every 15 minutes to retain the cooling effect - On average the vest remains effective from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the air temperature and humidity. To refresh the effect, only thing you need to do is to wet it again. Anywhere, anytime, just slowly pour a bottle of water on the vest whenever you want to refresh the effect. The Cool Vest® is intended to reduce heat exhaustion for all age groups and kinds of dogs. It is especially recommended for senior dogs and flat-faced dogs. The Cool Vest® covers vital organs, providing cooling effects without excessive coldness that would be harmful to a dog's health. This sporty vest is available in 5 sizes in 2 colors. MADE IN JAPAN, US PATENT PENDING. Size Extra Small: Neck 6 ~ 9 inches Girth 9 ~ 15 inches

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Manufacturer: Gramercy Distribution, Inc
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