Manufacturer: Canine Earth

Furry and Fresh! Clean Essence Deodorizing Spray: Wholesale Products

Product description:Furry and Fresh! Clean Essence Deodorizing Spray. This natural spray is a great quick fix between baths! It will freshen up a stinky dog with a light, clean essence that eliminates odor and nourishes skin and coat. It's custom blend of essential oils and extracts compliments all Canine Earth products. This product is hypoallergenic, aromatherapeutic, pH balanced for dogs, and utilizes protective probiotic therapy providing a barrier against allergens, free radicals, and pollutants in the air...happier skin and coat means a happier pup! And of course, this product is Verified Natural... your guarantee of truly natural products made in the USA.

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Manufacturer: Canine Earth
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