Manufacturer: EcoWellDog, Inc.

Clean Well Dental Gel: Wholesale Products

Product description:All natural Herbal gel, safe when swallowed
With all natural aloe and myrrh to clean and protect
Quick, easy and convenient way to ensure your dog's oral hygiene

Not only will a clean mouth make your dog more pleasant to be around but some studies have shown that improved oral hygiene can actually add years to your dog’s life.

Clean Well Dental Gel
This all natural gel helps fight plaque and tartar build up. The synergy of herbs like prickly ash bark and Echinacea root fight the bacteria that cause bad breath, reduce the risk of gingivitis and promote good oral hygiene.


We're all about ingredients. It goes without saying that our products are as effective as they are because we use only the finest "human grade" ingredients. In fact we sum up our philosophy very simply: "We wouldn't use anything on our dogs that we wouldn't use on ourselves" Here's a list of the key ingredients in Clean Well Dental Gel and a brief explanation of why they're in the formula.

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Manufacturer: EcoWellDog, Inc.
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