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Priscilla's Pan (Oversize Shipping Charges May Apply): Wholesale Products

Product description:Priscilla's Pan provides a smart solutions for litter box use - for you & your cats. The first litter box designed to be shown in your home instead of hidden away! Finally, a place to put the litter scoop! Priscilla's Pan has been designed so The Perfect Litter Scoop hangs decoratively on the back of the pan. High sides and back provide more surface area for scratching and spraying inside the box. Easy to clean - the seam-free interior surface is so smooth virtually nothing sticks to it. The Perfect Litter Box Liner helps keep litter box free of residual odor and makes changing the litter easier. We recommend you also try The Perfect Litter Mat underneath the pan to capture litter. Made of High Density Polypropylene: 16"" wide x 18" deep by 4" high in front, 13" high in back.

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Manufacturer: Cats Rule Dogs Rock
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