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Product description:Developed by the late Dr. Hargett, DVM, MD, to help combat losses in pups during the first critical few days following whelping. No long prior treatment-just place in food 4-5 days before bitch whelps and 10 days thereafter. Contains 5 proven ingredients for fast action, following whelping, to aid the female in providing a clean, healthy quantity of milk for her pups: Sodium Acetate and Potassium Citrate (buffering agents that neutralize acidity), Calcium Gluconate (milk production), Lactose (Milk sugar for energy), and Thiamine Hydrochloride (a crystaline vitamin B1 supplement which overcomes neuritis of pregnancy due to dietary deficiency). Milkade is proven on females that had never raised a pup due to poisonous acidity or their lack of milk that other alkalies and vitamin-mineral supplements did not correct. One 2 oz. bottle of Milkade mixed with a pint of water is sufficient for 1 litter of puppies, regardless of breed. Keep refrigerated once mixed and until treament has been completed.

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Manufacturer: Happy Jack, Inc
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