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Make Shrink Art Jewelry and tags for your pet and you too: Wholesale Products

Product description:Create shrink art jewelry that any pooch would be proud to wear, and while you're at it why not make a coordinating piece for yourself. Includes enough material to make more than 20 charms and tags.

Also includes alphabet beads to further personalize, cord, ribbon, and "s" hooks to hang ID or charms from a collar, and even a hole punch.

• Easy and fun; draw or trace your design onto
the special shrink film, color it in, cut it out,
punch a hole, then bake in a 250° oven for
3-5 minutes.
• Enough shrink film to make more than
20 charms and tags.
• Use the alphabet beads to further personalize
the jewelry.
• String onto cord or ribbon and voila! One of
a kind personalized jewelry.
• Materials included: shrink film, colored
pencils, sand paper, alphabet beads, satin
cord and ribbon, “S” hooks (to hang ID or
charms from a collar) and even a hole punch.
• Fun for all from adult to small (8 +)


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Manufacturer: Bowwowmeow
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