Manufacturer: Bio2 Petlabs

HydroPro Hermit Crab - 1/2 Liter Bottle: Wholesale Fish Products

Product description:One Step Water Solution for Hermit Crabs. HYDROPRO HERMIT by Bio2 Pet Labs is the very best way to provide daily hydration and drinking water for hermit crabs. This is also the perfect product to spray on the crabs for daily care. The water is de-chlorinated and purified by dual-micron, carbon and reverse osmosis filtration, and then using unique, patented AHT technology, the purified water is enhanced at the molecular level to create a solution with high levels of dissolved oxygen, antioxidants and reduced structure for improved hydration and cellular respiration. HYDROPRO HERMIT cleanses your pet's body and promotes wound healing and better health. HYDROPRO HERMIT is de-chlorinated and contains no chloramines, heavy metals or chemical additives. HYDROPRO HERMIT is the pure and healthy solution that makes water changes simple and easy. Sold by the case only (24/case).

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Manufacturer: Bio2 Petlabs
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