Manufacturer: Bellas Pain Relief

Bella's Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack: Wholesale Products

Product description:Canine pain relief for canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle sprains & strains of agility dogs and speedy recovery for most surgical procedures. Finally, a safe & effective way to reduce your pets pain and improve their mobility!


- Safe, Totally Non-Toxic Gel Pack
- 100% Leakproof
- Clinically proven to to speed your pet's recovery after orthopedic procedures
- Provides immediate pain relief for Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pains, Sprains & Strains
- Utilizes Hot/Cold Compression to accelerate Healing for your Pet
- Elastic Straps with Velcro ends attach securely anywhere on pack for a secure & comfortable fit!
- Versatile & Reusable - can be used on any body part
- Store in Freezer for instant Cold pack, convert to Moist Heat Hot Wrap in Microwave

Info for Veterinarians:

- Bella Packs are used in a number of Veterinary Specialty Hospitals during surgical post-op recovery

- Use pack with patient in post-op and send home with caretaker, making it easy for pet to receive care required to accelerate the healing process

- Bella Packs are great for maintaining pets body temperature during surgery.

- Great for reducing swelling after spay/neuter

- Perfect addition to any rehab program

- Your clients can be reimbursed through Embrace Pet Insurance

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10+ packs - $23.49 each w/ Free Shipping

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Manufacturer: Bellas Pain Relief
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