Manufacturer: PETaPOTTY

4x8 XXXL Mega PETaPOTTY Unit: Wholesale Products

Product description:This is the largest size in the Heavy Doody line of industrial strength PETaPOTTY's. Perfect for large dogs, lofts, common areas, doggy day cares, groomers, dog runs and dog parks, the XXXL PETaPOTTY is 4' by 8' of green potty space and stands 6" high. Our revolutionary Heavy Doody drainage system includes a valve which flushes all water and liquid waste straight into the floor drain. Use of the valve is purely optional. If no ground drain is available we also suggest using a gravel pump to suck water and urine out of pan into a bucket for disposal. If drainage valve and system is used then a 7/8" hole must be drilled by customer because of the specific dimensions which vary from home to home.

MSRP $1,999.99

Note: The real sod and the synthetic grass are both sold separately.

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Manufacturer: PETaPOTTY
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