Manufacturer: Gramercy Distribution, Inc

Cover-All Raincoat: Wholesale Products

Product description:This Dog Raincoat covers not only the Back of body, but chest and all the legs as well.

This supreme quality raincoat is made with highly functional sports wear fabric, DREMLIGHT(R) (breathable and slightly stretchable nylon 100%) to accommodate your dogs movement. DREAMLIGHT(R) is highly water resistant and provides adequate insulation. This raincoat is perfectly good for all seasons.

The ends of the sleeves and pants are embedded with expandable elastic
bands so they're easy to put it on, and they close up neatly to protect legs from the rain. The hood covers head and neck. There is a leash ring hole at the neck area so that you can secure the lease without uncovering your dog.

Made in Japan.

4 colors available for smaller 11 sizes.
2 colors (Orange and Grey) for larger 4 sizes.


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Manufacturer: Gramercy Distribution, Inc
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