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Product description:There is nothing out there like it! Katie’s Bumpers are easy to see on the water, on land, in the snow, and in the shadows. Dogs don’t miss them!


-2"x10” with 12" floating rope for easy throwing.
-Highly Visible on Land, Water & Snow
-Innovative Tabless Bumper Design
-Durable, But Not Indestructible
-Dishwasher Safe
-Florescent Orange
-Safe, #4 Recyclable Plastic
-The EVA plastic that we use is lighter than water so if your dog punctures the toy (or chews on it) it will still float!

FUN: Do your customers take their dogs to the water or park to play fetch? Then you should carry Katie's Bumpers. It is the hot, new water toy on the market. It is easy to see and fun to throw and fetch. Each bumper comes with a brightly colored float rope for easy throwing.

Suggested Retail: $13.00

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Manufacturer: Katie's Bumpers
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