Manufacturer: Life's Great Products, LLC

Poop-Off Pet Urine Locator Blacklight: Wholesale Products

Product description:Mini light clearly reveals urine, feces and cat spray invisible to the naked eye. The lowest cost way to find urine and sell stain and odor removers. If you don't see the urine then pouring products is just a waste of money. One light will cover a home from wall to wall. Use while standing and walking. Fill a baggie with pieces of paper before using. When the pet owner finds urine they just outline it with the tiny pieces of paper. Turn the lights on and treat areas that are now visible. The wavelength of this light is made for pet urine unlike UV Bulbs in other units that you use inches above the ground.

Clip Strip contains 6 or 12 units
Rack contains 48 units

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Manufacturer: Life's Great Products, LLC
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