Manufacturer: Pando Music

PandoMusic Full Display Kit - 50% Dogs CDs / 50% Cat CDs: Wholesale Products

Product description:Music to soothe and accompany our pets. Display Set includes a space efficient counter display. Holds 30 cd's. 50% Dogs & 50% Cats (5 each composer: Beethoven for Cats, Beethoven for Dogs, Chopin for Cats, Chopin for Dogs, Mozart for Cats and Mozart for Cats).

PandoMusic CD’s promote our pet’s well-being by creating an environment of calmness and tranquility by using specific instruments like the viola and music box. Also incorporated in each CD are special sound effects such as barking, purring, birds chirping and household noises that captivate our pet’s attention and provide the illusion that others are also at home.

Used by kennels, doggy day cares, veterinarians and pet owners to lessen barking and reduce anxiety, both at home and when traveling.

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Manufacturer: Pando Music
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