Product Reviews

    • Dog Savers Flyer


      Now your dog can enjoy life savers as well with their very own scented Dog Saver. This new toy is sure to become a favorite in your home. Don't be sure to forget it at the checkout aisle, you'll [more]

    • Poncho Beef Jerky Bliss


      A toy and treat in one? With Puppy Piñata, it’s possible for your pet to enjoy a tasty treat while he plays. This all natural beef jerky treat will have your pup jumping for joy—literally! This [more]

    • Spiffy Dog Air Collars


      Style certainly meets function with unique mesh air collars by Spiffy Dog. This award winning air collar makes a perfect gift for your pup. Available in many sizes and styles.

    • Bottle Tracker


      Training your dog just got a little easier with The Original Fire Hose Velcro Dog Trainer. Simply stuff a water bottle, treat and/or scent in the fire hose, toss, call back and reward with a treat. [more]

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